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Just got this note from Luke Shepard, one of the lead developers for the Facebook Connect platform, in response to the round-trip Facebook tagging I launched this week on :

“Awesome! I’m stoked on this integration .. it is a powerful use of the platform, and it’s innovative (first time I’ve seen it done on a third-party site). I’m glad to see it out there!”

That’s the kind of comment that makes all the difference in the world to a developer! Thanks Luke, you guys did an awesome job with Facebook Connect and the API, and I look forward to coming up with other innovative ideas!

Posted: January 22, 2009


  1. 2009.01.30 @ 14:03 Brad Hogan

    I am trying to add messaging to my website and I’m stuck…
    What I am using:
    I am building my website with the help of DreamWeaver cs4. I am building my site using PHP and MySQL and I am building my database with PhpMyAdmin.
    What I am trying to do:
    Add messaging so registered users on my website are able to communicate amongst each other.
    My problem:
    I am trying to add messaging to my site, but I have yet to find any books to teach me how to add this application. Is there a way to build my tables and use SQL to build the messaging system on my own? How do other companies like facebook build their Inbox messaging systems? Do they build the application using a different programming code? I would like to avoid using a blog, such as WordPress or vBulletin, and create a messaging system along the lines of Facebook’s inbox.
    I’m more than willing to take the time to learn how to successfully add a messaging system to my website, but I need to know where to start. For example, what programming I need to learn, what books would help out with the goal I’m trying to achieve, etc…Any help will be a step in the right direction and I appreciate your time!
    Thank you,

  2. 2009.02.27 @ 2:01 Vaibhav Bhandari


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